Why is Vitamin B1 so important?

The value of Vitamin B1 in our diet

Vitamin B1 have the task of process the carbs we take in our meals. Carbs provide our body with energy but when this energy is not used, it becomes fat.

Thiamin, also known as Vitamin B1, is in charge about it. We must take a minimum quantity of this amino acid to make the carbs don’t become in fat instantly. This micronutrient was discovered in 1990 and, since then, it is considered fundamental and necessary to keep a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Where can we find Vitamin B1 and how much should we take?

We can find thiamin in full grain cereals as oats, corn, rye bread, integral flour, rice and barley. As it is that easy to find in those aliments it is so difficult to be in deficit of this vitamin. Some wonder-diets where we should avoid the carbs intake can make us be in deficit of vitamin B1. Then, we must be careful about which diet we want to follow.

Vegetables as soy, white beans and broad beans are the ones that contains high levels of thiamin. We also can find Vitamin B1 in all type of nuts but, the ones that contains a higher percentage in it are: pistachios, hazelnuts and walnuts.

Although, we can find this amino acid in many type of meat and fish. Pork meat is where we can obtain more quantity of this vitamin per gram. The parts of the pork where Vitamin B1 is more prominent is in bacon, brains, chops and liver.

Fish, as white as blue, contain this amino acid. We can find it in sea bass, sole and sardines.

The recommended daily intake of this vitamin is 1,1 grams for women and 1,2 grams for men. We find this vitamin in a lot of foods, so it is difficult to be in a deficit. By the way, some diets can make us be in it, so we must be careful when we want to follow some diets.