Why counting calories doesn’t work

counting calories doesn't work

Are you still calorie obsessed? We’ll you’re wasting your time and putting your health at a risk. Because experts agree that counting calories doesn’t work, it’s dangerous and probably will make you fat.

If you want to lose weight while staying strong and healthy you better stop thinking about calories so much. Here’s why.

Do all calories make you fat? Listen to the experts

counting calories doesn't work

Calories are just units to measure the energy food provides us with. Experts are trying to make us understand that counting calories is a mistake, which largely explains why
many low-calorie diets fail.

The explanation is simple. Take, for example, a hamburger from a fast food chain. On average, it carries between 400 to 500 calories. And a dish of rice or pasta? One serving of Spanish paella will provide between 500 and 600 calories. Should we conclude, then, that paella makes us fatter than a burger?

counting calories doesn't work

The truth is it doesn’t. It gives us more energy, yes. But a much better quality energy than a burger. A hamburger is full of saturated fats, refined oils, sugars, and salt. And all of those ingredients, once in our body become…. just fat!

However, paella contains a lot of healthy foods (onion, garlic, pepper, tomato, saffron, mollusks, squid, prawns, chicken, rice, olive oil …) that fuel our body with a lot of different nutrients.

So, no, not all calories are equally fattening. Because our body doesn’t metabolize them in the same way.

Calories? Nutrition facts

counting calories doesn't work

If you still focus on the calories when reading the label of foods, you’re doing it all wrong. It’s the nutrition facts that you should pay attention to, experts agree. Because, like we said, it’s all about the quality of the calories, and not the amount of them.

Of course you should control how much food you eat everyday. Stuffing yourself is a dangerous and unhealthy thing to do. Having said this, as long as we only eat foods which provide us with good quality calories and nutrients, we can stop focusing on the amounts so much. We’ll be healthier and, on the long run, we’ll lose weight.