The last skin care tip: clean your skin with sparkling water

Do not drink it but put it on your face

Yes, you road well, the last skin care tip routine comes from Korea. They recommend us to clean our skin with sparking water. After what they say about it, it doesn’t look that crazy. Let’s take a look.

Koreans are famous by their millenary skin care techniques with natural ingredients. But clean our face with sparkling water is the last thing we should have imagined. They recommend us to use this water with wipes, a cotton pad or directly from the bottle. The only thing we have o take care about is just not put it un our eyes.

The experts on cosmetics claims to use this water daily on our skin can be an affordable and comfortable technique to clean it up. The bubbles of the parking water on the face can clean deeply our pores. It is like make an everyday soft exfoliation without irritating the face.

Scientists explain that if you add this water in your daily skin care routine you will notice how the little marks on the skin are going out because this “mini-peeling” effect. They also tell us that this type of water contain less lime than the regular one. This is one of the reasons why it cleans better our skin and we can achieve a more luminous and younger skin.

It also contains higher levels of calcium which helps to maintain collagen production into the skin, making look the face tighter and with no wrinkles on it. Sparkling water is great to mix and oily skin too because the acid pH cleans the pores and the oils that we can find in it.

There’s no reason to no try it! Experts recommend us to use it three to four times per week before we go to sleep. If we use make-up we can use it after remove our make-up and before to put on our night creams. If we do not we can use it in the morning or at night before we put on our creams.

Will you try it?