Netflix advertises about #birdboxchallenge ‘s risks

This dangerous challenge have already gotten seriously injured people

It all started with the new film that Netflix launched in its billboard: Bird Box. It was this movie which started the dangerous #birdboxchallenge. This challenge have already collected some victims.

For those people who haven’t seen the move yet, we won’t make any spoiler, promised. The protagonist, interpreted by Sandra bullock, have to cover a forest with two children with the eyes covered. Why? Because there’s a weird entity that if you look at it, then you want to kill yourself. Besides there are some hilarious memes running the net, most of them are so dangerous.

The protagonist, because of that, have to deal with a lot of troubles that have resolve with their eyes covered. She even have to drive a car. How? We won’t tell you.

Besides those amazing scenes that will take us to almost an anxiety attack, in the real life can be so dangerous.

Netflix won’t be responsable of the consequences of the challenge

Some videos have already become viral where some people pretend to walk down stairs, drive a car some meters, cook, walk with a dog and a gun in its hands or even cross a busy street by cars.

Because of that, Netflix want the audience to stop this #birdboxchallenge and says that it won’t take any responsability about the damages caused by this challenge. Bird Box has become a hit of Netflix the last 2018. It reunited more than 45 millions of views in less than a week.

That’s why Netflix wants to be heard in all media to stop the people recreate the scenes of the movie that can be dangerous for our lifes.