Amazing uses for banana peels

You eat the fruit and throw away the peels. We all do the same. But once you find out about the amazing uses of banana peels, you’ll never get rid of them again. Because some of these things are pretty cool.

Throw away banana peels? Never again!

Besides making someone step on it and fall while you laugh out loud, banana peels are useful for many other things, and some of them are quite amazing.

Medicinal properties, a great ally for cheap but effective beauty treatments… you probably don’t know yet, but the peel is as valuable as the fruit itself, or maybe even more.

Banana peels contain fiber, vitamins and minerals, such as iron or potassium. Eating banana peels can be very good for you, though we’re aware that it might not be very appealing.

So let’s forget about eating it. There’s still so many things we can do with it! Have you ever rubbed a banana peel against your skin? Or against your furniture?

Check out all the amazing uses of banana peels and stop throwing them away !

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